The Giver Movie

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned The Giver as one of the dystopian books that I first read. Apparently, there had been plans to adapt it as a movie for years, but it never happened. Now there is a film adaptation that is definitely in the works (go to for more details), but there is no real information, since the status is “in development.” That said, there are rumours that Jeff Bridges is going to be the Giver. What does everyone think? Do you think that a Giver

adaptation is going to happen? If so, who would you cast as main characters?


3 thoughts on “The Giver Movie

  1. Any news on the movie? I think Jeff Bridges would be great as the Giver. I hope that they could give us a little more information at the end (hopefully this won’t spoil the ending for anyone who didn’t read the book) or maybe a sequel..

    • Nothing new quite yet. still has it listed as in development, so we’ll have to see. I agree with you. Actually, I used to picture Jeff Bridges as the Giver when I used to read the book! Hopefully we actually get to see it get made, I think it would be a really good movie!

  2. I also agree with you on the ending, Sam. Since there is a sequel (actually three sequels, and don’t worry, you’re aren’t spoiling anything!) there would actually be quite a bit of material for an extended ending.

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