After the Fear

Because I’m writing this blog, I am super concious of everything dystopia on the web. Movie news, book news, everything. In my searches for my next dystopian read, I’m always finding the newest, hottest book on the market. Recently, though, I have to say that I haven’t been reading as many of the big-publisher, big-bookstore reads. The reason is mainly that I’ve done a lot of that. I’ve read the Hunger Games, Divergent, Matched, Shatter Me, The Selection, plus their sequels and many other bigs hits that have popped up in recent years. So while I’m waiting for The Elite, as well as Veronica Roth’s book #3, I’ve been hitting up the less well-known picks. Over my Reading Week, I downloaded a few previews on my Kobo, intending to read them over the week. But weeks don’t always turn out how you plan them, and I ended up putting my reading off until the week after. So, while feeling bored on my commute to class, I started to read my preview of After the Fear by Rosanne Rivers. Immediately I was impressed and felt the need to buy the book, right away, and also let everyone on my blog know about it. This book is amazingly good (like in H.G. league) and I’ve just learnt that there’s going to be a sequel in the future! I’m hoping to write a review soon, but meanwhile, here’s some things that I like best about this book:

1. There’s nobody named Kai (or Kaj, or Ky, or any other related name or version of Kai). This sounds super weird and petty, but I’ve heard that name so much in the dystopia genre, that it’s a relief to not have to read it in this novel. The main characters have names like Sola, Dylan, Alixis. Original (well, not Dylan so much, but the other two), but not weird in any sense. And definately not Kai (or Kaj, or Ky).

2. Vivid language use, Quickly paced, well edited, great story. In short, the writing. Unlike some other novels in the dystopia genre, this one is never, ever boring. It’s paced well, with no visible typos or grammatical errors. When I first read the summary, I thought it would end up being something that I would be comparing to H.G. because of the similar storylines. But this book has its own, original concept, and it’s carried out very well.

3. Likeable Characters. All of the main characters are likeable. They make sense as characters, and they don’t get on your nerves.

More on the book later. But if you want to read it for yourself, you can get it on Kindle or Kobo for under four dollars! My fourth favorite thing about this book!!


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