Divergent Casting: Theo James (aka, Mr.Pamuk) as Four

Good news! Divergent has got its Four! And it isn’t any of the blonde guys who were all rumoured to have been cast (including that awful Alex Pettyfer). If you’re a Downton Abbey watcher like me, you’ll remember Lady Mary’s Mr. Pamuk. Theo James, who we last saw as a blue-tinted, half-naked corpse, being dragged down Downton’s regal halls by Mary, Anna, and Cora, has been cast as Four, Tris’s love interest in Divergent. He’s a surprising choice, especially since we didn’t hear anything about him being considered, but at least we finally have someone. Actually, I think he’ll do a great job. He’s got the right look, and all of those British thespians have amazing acting chops. So what do you think? Excited, dissapointed, or just kind of stunned (or, are you still having bad visuals of him being dragged down the hall?)


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