Dystopia for Adult Readers

Hello All! I haven’t been posting much, as you may have noticed. It’s been a busy week. I got some feedback on my blog from my professor, who told me that her favorite post-apocolyptic novel is Sherri S. Tepper’s  The Gate to Women’s Country. Having googled it, I have to say, it sounds really good. Plus it got me thinking; what sorts of dystopian novels are there for adults? Googleing (I think that’s how you spell it? Hmmm, never actually had to spell that word) the term, “dystopia and post-apocolyptic novels for adult readers” I wasn’t able to find much, as the search engine just picked up the dystopia and adult bits, and made it into “dystopia and post-apocolyptic novels for young adult readers.” Not very helpful. Does anyone here know any dystopian novels written with a more mature reader in mind? (I’ll be searching….)


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