More News About Four Casting…

You are all probably pretty sick from hearing all about this casting already. Can’t blame you. I’m just so excited. I don’t have to watch Alex Pettyfer when I go to see Divergent in theaters. Here’s a link for anyone who isn’t sick of it already:


4 thoughts on “More News About Four Casting…

  1. Hey Em, I’m loving your blog! Don’t be so hard on yourself. Would Divergent be considered a good “family’ read? What would be some others? Thanks!

  2. Thanks Sam! That means a lot. Divergent would be okay as a family read, depending on tastes and ages. For really young kids, or the boys- who- don’t- like- the- “mushy” -romance stage, maybe not, or maybe edited down by the reader (maybe mom…?) but older families or mom and daughter families might like it. For universal or younger families, family reads that would be nice would be City of Ember, which was written for more of a middle-school crowd, or Variant, which boys at an early highschool age would like. The Matched Trilogy, although sort of dry, is a nice, clean book for a mom to read with her daughter (boys could read it as well, but probably wouldn’t like it). The Giver would probably be nice as well. The Hunger Games and After the Fear are both good books, but it really depends on the sensitivity of your kids. That said, H.G.’s level of violence is comparable with the first Harry Potter’s (not too bad), while A.T.F.’s takes a bit of a stronger stomach. Hope that helps! Thanks again for the lovely comment!!! 🙂

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