Hunger Games Themed Wedding

 Back before the dystopia boom, some of the original Twi-hards (a.k.a., Twilight fans) were so into Bella and Edward’s love story, that they were planning Twilight-themed weddings. Don’t get me wrong, I like Twilight, but I was never a huge fan (like to the point of camping out in front of theaters. I didn’t even see the movies until they had the first one on CityTV). That said, with dystopias being on-trend now, the big new wedding theme is the Hunger Games wedding, and I have to say, although I am not that keen on radical themed weddings in general, Hunger Games weddings are kind of cute. Here’s a link to some pictures of some of the nicer ones I’ve seen :

I personally like the last few pictures. The yellow and blue flowers are pretty, and go nicely with the theme without being over-bearing(you wouldn’t want to pick a quirky theme, then regret it later). What do you think? Would you do a dystopia themed wedding (or maybe just some cute engagement pictures)? Are you planning a dystopia wedding? Please leave comments, and also, if you’re planning one, or have taken part in one, feel free to leave me a message on my blog. If you send me pictures or a video, I can feature your wedding in a future post.


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