The Elite mini book review

Hi all!

sorry, I know it’s been awhile since my last real post. I’ve been incredibly busy. Right now, I’m taking a break from writing my final project paper (one of those big, important ones that make up 40% of your grade). But I also have been busy reading Kiera Cass’s The Elite. As you all know, I read The Selection

last year after reading The Hunger Games and have been looking forward to her 2nd novel, The Elite pretty much all year. Seeing how the CW series will be premiering in the not-too-far future, I thought I’d write a little book review for anyone thinking about reading it.

Fun, fluffy, indulgent, and with just enough of a hidden surprise in the center. Sound like I’m writing about a Boston cream cupcake? Actually, I’m writing about The Selection. Kiera Cass’s debut novel was just about as fun a novel as you can get. Sure, there’s a love triangle, and yeah, some of it is a bit sugary, but it kept me entertained for a glorious few days and I truly did feel for all of the characters, which is a complete round of kudos to the author. The Elite is another story.

The Elite starts pretty much where Book #1 left off. America has decided that even though she isn’t sure whether she wants to end up with her childhood sweetheart, Aspen, or the handsome Prince Maxon, she going to play out her time in The Selection and try her hardest, goshdarnit, and just see where her heart takes her. And she still isn’t anywhere near knowing. The novel continues at this pace until the middle. That’s when it picks up. We have some more attacks from the Southerners, an exposed secret of one of the Elite, betrayal, secret diaries, and a myriad of other events, before an equally muddled conclusion.

Is The Elite a bad book? Absolutely not. There are some wonderful, almost anthropologic moments of human nature that are quite profoundly written. As far as the love triangle goes, I have my favorite, as I’m sure others do, but really both options are good choices, who seem to offer good models of kindness and compassion. The whole theme is a ton of fun, and I love guessing who’s going to get sent home next (sick, I know, but…). The main problem in this novel is that it is a transition novel between a beginning and ending. As a book with a love triangle as its main, not secondary, theme, it suffers from “which-one?” boredom. America goes from loving one person to another sometimes within a matter of lines, and it gets quite tiresome. Even after SPOILER ALERT!!! America gets thrown out of the Elite and is given a hoped-for second chance, END OF SPOILER she still continues on this course.I really enjoyed the first novel for its sweetness, realistic portrayal of adolescent romance, and fairytale-like plot. Because of that, the constant switching back and forth between the two love interests made this book more stressful than the genre really allows for. That said, The Elite is still quite a worthwhile read. The author is very talented at allowing America to work through her own issues, in that I still am not entirely sure who she’s planning to have her end up with. Ultimately, The Elite is a fun summer novel, just don’t expect it to be as rounded or ground-breaking as The Selection is.


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