Released Second Pilot Script for The Selection (spoilers)

Hey All,

Here is CW’s second attempt at a pilot adaptation of Kiera Cass’s The Selection. I have to say, pilot #1 sounded way better. This pilot is utterly, utterly horrific. And if you’re on Team Maxon, well, be prepared to be offended. This pilot is a complete detour from Kiera’s lovely novel, and I’m pretty disappointed with it. The language and content is quite graphic (yes, you can tell from the script), and to be honest, I think that the best way to describe it would be daytime soap meets Game of Thrones. Bearing that in mind, this pilot is intended for a very mature audience, (seems immature, but…) and by that, I mean adults. If you are under 18, you probably shouldn’t read this. However if you are under 18, and you regularly watch Game of Thrones, True Blood, Spartacus, or Vampire Diaries, you should be fine.

Also, SPOILER ALERT, let me know what you think of book-unrelated character addition Prince Rafe. END OF SPOILER.


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