The Great Dystopian Read 2013 Bookclub and Sweepstakes

Hello All!!!

I hope everyone’s having a great summer! Even though I am not looking forward to some aspects of fall that much -namely cold weather and back-to-school- 2013/14 is looking like a super exciting year for Dystopian reading and movie watching. Over the next year, we’ll see Catching Fire and Divergent in theaters, as well finding out the endings of two great dystopian trilogies- The Selection series and the Divergent series.

This particular moment in time is also special to me as a blogger, as I’m celebrating a birthday! Not my own (that happened in Spring), but of this blog. Dystopia Capitol is turning 6 (months, that is). Thanks to all of my devoted readers who make blogging so much fun. The time has flown by!!!

I know I haven’t been giving you guys many original posts this month. That’s for two reasons. The first, is that I’ve been writing a lot. My first novel should come out sometime in the next year (I might send a link once it’s out there, but maybe not. I’ll see what my loved ones say first…) Additionally, I’ve also been working on a novella. The novel is not dystopian by any stretch (it’s an inspirational Christian fiction novel set in Kansas) but the novella is going be dystopian…with a twist. Which brings me to the second reason I’ve been busy.

I’ve been dreaming up how I can be more interactive with my readers. Technically, this blog is meant to be like your local second-hand dystopian bookstore. A fun place to discuss favorite books and find all new reads. Not to mention I get tons of hits on my blog from all over the world! I love how blogs are a great way to meet new people.

So here’s my news: Starting in September, I’m going to be launching two new events. One is a casual, virtual book club. Each month, we’ll read a new book, then discuss it via comments. You can write about your feelings, post fan art, or post videos, it’s totally up to you. The book club is very informal. You can post about past books, even once we’re on to a new one, and there’s no need to join a “club”. Just drop in when and if you feel like it! I’ve already picked a book for September, which I’ll post about soon. Afterwards, I’m leaving it up to you guys! I’ll draw up some polls, and you can vote for what you want to read that month.

My second event is even more exciting (free stuff to be had). I’m running a sweepstakes! Winners of the sweepstakes will get the chance to have a character named after them or a loved one of their choice, once it’s published later this year. There’s two ways to win: the first is to send me a comment. Tell me what your favorite dystopian read is and why in 500 words or less. When doing this please specify that you are entering the Great Dystopian Read sweepstakes. My favorite two posters will win (but you’re all my favorites, no matter what).Here’s the second way: Starting this fall, I’ll post hints as to which classic novel my dystopian novella will be based on. The person who correctly guesses the book first wins. In total, three people get characters named after them or a loved one.

So that’s my news. Hoping that you all are as excited as I am, and that I get to know more of you better over the next year. And as for the sweepstakes…

May the odds be ever in your favor!



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