Great Dystopian Read First Book Picks

Hey All! Sorry it’s been awhile, I’ve been busy getting settled into a new year!

So, I was debating between picking a widely popular, read-by-pretty-much-everybody book for the first Dystopian book club pick, or whether I wanted something less well known.

So I picked both! The official first selections for September will be The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and After the Fear by Rosanne Rivers.

Basically, anyone who loves dystopian literature knows at least a little about The Hunger Games, so I thought it could be great either as a re-read or as a first-time read. Sort of one of those bucket-list books you always mean to read but never do. After the Fear is great because it’s got a lot of classic dystopian elements, but is still really original, and super gripping.

In terms of availability, you can find H.G. pretty much anywhere, and you can buy After the Fear on amazon in either hard copy, or eBook format, or on Kobo in eBook format. It’s may also be available from other online retailers, or if you have a really hip library!

Taking care of other blog business, there will be a second clue for the sweepstakes ASAP, I just have a lot to take care of now. Additionally, I am aware that I have a poll on my blog that isn’t working. I’ll get to that soon as well.


Take care and happy fall!

xo Em


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