“Catching Fire” Review-Interview with my Brother

Hi Everyone,

Now don’t judge, but I haven’t gone to see Catching Fire in theaters yet. Yes, I know, pretty lame for a self-respecting dystopia blogger. First I had school, then exams, then my friend and I were going to go, but it didn’t pan out, and then we had icy roads. I am planning to go really soon, and am excited for that. However, my younger, brother did go with one of his friends, and seeing how disappointed I was, kindly volunteered to answer and interview of his impression of the movie… 


Emily: How many stars would you give the movie?

Nathan: 4 and a 1/2

E:What was your favourite part?

N: When they are on the island in the center of the water and Beetee was planning on electrocuting everybody, but it was hard to pick a favourite, since every part had a purpose in the movie

E:Based on the character development in this film, compared to the last one, do you think Katniss should go towards Team Peeta or Team Gale?

N: It’s difficult. They’re both quite different. They both love her, but I think that she has spent a lot more time with Peeta, to be honest. I don’t know if she really likes him though. I think that she is quite confused, because she’s been through a lot with Peeta, but Gale was kind of her first love. So I think she’s undecided.

E: First impressions of Finnick?

N: Very arrogant. But early in the film, I realized that that was just an appearance, and he is a very responsible and reliable person.

E: You didn’t read the book, so did you have a hard time following the story in the movie?

N: I didn’t find it difficult at all. Having seen the first film, it tied in quite nicely.

E: Speaking of which, this movie has a new director and some new crew members in charge of aesthetics. Did you find the transition jarring?

N: I didn’t even realize there was a change of director. If I went back and were to compare the two, I might have noticed a difference, but I didn’t notice at the time.

E: Who would you recommend this movie to (fans of the book, drama lovers, etc)?

N: One of those classic stories that has everything. Good for people who love action, romance, or drama in general. I never read the books, obviously, so it’s fine for those people. Overall, it’s appropriate for anyone.

E: Would you have changed anything about the movie?

N: I don’t think so. The strip scene [Johanna’s] was kind of weird, but that was in the book, wasn’t it?

E: Yes it was. Wasn’t as weird as the one in the film though. They changed it.

E: Who is your favourite character?

N: In this film- Finnick Odair. Because he was a  very brave character with very good qualities about him. Very loyal.

E: What about in the first film?

N: Probably Katniss. I mean Peeta was…I don’t even really remember him that much from the first film, except for when he was injured.

E: In this movie there’s a new music director, and the soundtrack has a different feel to it. Did you prefer this one or the first?

N: It’s hard to say really. In the second movie, the music had a much more weighty feel, I think it’s because it’s the middle of the films, so it would be heavier. But both soundtracks were pretty good.

E: Okay, one that isn’t necessarily a review question. If you were in the Hunger Games, and could only have one character from the book as an ally, and one item from home to use, who and what would you pick and why?

N: Finnick Odair, because of his previously stated qualities and his general strength. And I would take an AK 47. It would very effective against my opponents. Or a bazooka.

E: If you were in the Hunger Games, and you could only take one item from your living room, what would you take?

N: A vase. A really strong ceramic vase that I could use to beat people. Or maybe a candlestick.

E: Would you have a Hunger Games themed wedding, and if so, why?

N: Never! I don’t want my wedding to be modelled after pop fiction, no matter how good it is.

E: Thank you, Nathan!

N: You’re welcome.


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