Hunger Games Workout pre-week and update

Hi All!

Sorry I haven’t been around lately, I’m juggling 16 credit hours this term, and even though I’m enjoying what I’m learning, (and speeding ahead, only 1 more year till’ finishing time, eeee!) I’m pretty exhausted by the end of each day. Needless to say, I’m excited for reading week, which is the week after this next one. Usually reading week gives me the time to catch up with all of my schoolwork (aka, sluff off, sleep in, and watch movies), but this reading will have me actually studying for not one, but two midterm exams. Yippe, yahoo, it’s like all my Christmases come at once. Fortunately, there are twenty-four hours in a day, and I can certainly spend some of them here. So Quick update on what’s going to be happening:

-I finished reading Ruth Silver’s Moirai,so that will be reviewed.

-Also, my Kobo’s been acting up, so I’ve gotten behind in my Netgalley reading. If I can get it resolved, I’ll be reading Pierce Brown’s Red Rising, for a reading week treat.

Okay, resolution time. I confess, I’m addicted to Pinterest. Nothing brings me more joy than planning my non-existent wedding on there, and pinning crafts and recipes that I’ll probably never make. However, I did find something useful: Hunger Games workout! I love finding new ways to have fun exercising, so I’ll be committing to it for 10 weeks starting on reading week. I promise to send updates every step of the way! Lets just hope that the odds will be in my favour….

x Emily



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