I’m BAAACKKKKKKKKK! (plus update on that Hunger Games workout)


Hi Y’all!

I’ve missed you! I’m finally back from the trenches (aka, exams), and, glutton for punishment, am now spending more time at the computer, writing my newest novel, trying to find out what happened to the other one at the publisher’s, answering weeks-old emails, and just a bunch of other things that got pushed back while I was doing finals and exams. I did 16 credit hours this term (5 full courses, plus a credit-hour workshop), and did 5 exams (that’s one timed exam, and four take home and essay exams) in two weeks. I’m a little proud of myself (but am grateful to God for the strength that got me through it).

Fortunately I can get back to blogging. I’ve missed my little blog, and hope that anyone who regularly comes on here hasn’t quite given up on me yet!

First, some exciting news:

Does anyone here follow me on Twitter? If not, you should! I’m actually on there more than here during busy periods, and I tweet about lots of fun things, like my daily life, what books I’m reading, and also other bits of dystopia information. Plus you can kind of find out what I’m doing if you notice that I’m not on here. I’m @EmilyKatharina. But the important part of this is…

I’ve been recognized!!!! SQ Magazine (@SQMagazine) listed me as one of their “Brilliant Bloggers.” Planet Ivy (@Planet_Ivy) listed me as one of their “Up-and-coming bloggers”, and FunnellFeed Writer (@FunnellFeedWrite) listed me as one of their “Top Bloggers on Twitter 8). Super excited to know that people read and appreciate my blog!

Now some news for my blog:

I’ve conducted my first semi-professional interview! Theresa Shaver, author of the “Stranded” series was so sweet and gracious to allow me to interview her. That should be posted fairly soon.

I’m doing a blog tour for Ruth Silver’s latest book, Orenda later this April. I was one of the lucky beta-readers who got to offer input for Ruth’s terrific novel. Even though it isn’t dystopian, per se, it’s a great book, and I’m sure you’ll all love it.

The One. Do I need to offer any more info? I’ve been devoted to Kiera Cass’s princess-dystopian trilogy since I was nineteen (almost two years now) and am so excited to see how it ends. I’m way too cheap to actually buy it when it comes out (unless I get it for less than ten dollars), but if I do get it for a good deal, or the library comes through for me, or someone gets it for me for my twenty-first birthday (hint-hint to my family), then I should be able to post a review on it soon!

Okay, now about that Hunger Games workout….

Remember what I said about being busy? So very busy, that I couldn’t even make it on here to you, my sweet readers? Well, I also haven’t been exercising as much as I should. I’ve been mostly doing some of the yoga and Pilates that I usually do, and some walking, but no Hunger Games workout quite yet. But now is a good time to start. So…

I’m not posting any pics of my mid-section. Unless you’re pregnant and trying to show off a baby bump, I just find the whole check-out-my-bod thing a bit much. However, here’s some visuals for you to imagine my current fitness state:

-Right now, I’ve been doing a lot of sitting. Sitting in school, sitting on the bus, sitting while typing. Sitting, sitting, sitting.

-Therefore, even though I’m eating reasonably healthy, and am mostly slim, my core muscles are a little slack and distended.

-That means that I have little “love handles” when I sit, and a little bit of a tummy to suck in.

First week of Hunger games workout, more updates next week!

Anyway, love to all. It’s great to be back !!! 3> 🙂



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