Hunger Games Workout Week 5

Hey peeps!

Here we go, week five already. I’ll admit, it’s not like I’m doing this workout exclusively or every day (not that I ever said I would, but let’s just say this is not exactly a clinical trial). However, I’ll also admit that I haven’t looked this thin during spring term since, well, I was in high school and there was no such thing as spring term. Last year I may have been skinny (for me) but at that point, I was recovering from two weeks of flu, plus two weeks of relapse, and had eaten so many soda crackers that I felt like I weighed a ton.

I’m not a weight-obsessed person by any means, and actually advocate healthy, balanced, nourished living, free of concerns from what a scale says. It’s just that after dealing with all the unhealthy side effects of unbalanced living during my college years (stress, fatigue, weight gain, muscle strain, compulsive eating, acne, dull skin tone, hair damage, and anxiety), I want to feel toned, strong, healthy, and pretty again.

That’s what I like about the Hunger Games workout. Even though I’m still a week away from my 6-week kick-start goal (I’ll still post about the workout, if you’d like), I already feel toned and like I have more core muscle strength. I’ve been doing some walking and *trying* to watch what I’m eating (Co-op Centsibles doughnuts, anyone?), which I’m sure has helped, but I like how my love handles are getting shaped in, and how my little Buddha belly is getting flattened.

Short post this week, but next week will be week six, and I’ll give the workout my final evaluations.

Blessings! 🙂 3>



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