Hunger Games Workout Final Week (for now…)

Hey All,

Thanks for bearing with me these past few weeks while I’ve talked (at unevenly spaced intervals) about working out, my emotional-eating problem, and how I’m finally (literally) whipping my body back into shape.

I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post on this. But much exercising leaves little time to write. I haven’t been doing this exercise exclusively, but I have been trying to do it at least once a week, and it seems to have been helping. I also have been going on a lot of walks with my mom, plus doing some yoga. In addition, my mom and I made like chicks with flicks a couple of weeks back and painted an entire lattice by ourselves. Not impressed? Well, This lattice is super high, and stretches the entire length of one side of our deck. It also has teeny, tiny little nooks and crannies in it that I had to paint in with a paintbrush (like the type kids paint paint-by-numbers with). Add to the fact that we painted from morning until ten o’clock at night, with the mosquitos biting, and the sun deciding to be the hottest that it has been all year (I actually got the beginnings of heat stroke), and it all starts to seem rather brave of us.

My point of the whole lattice thing is this: My legs killed me for nearly three days afterwards. Just the constant bending down to get every last corner of lattice was probably the most grueling workout I’ve done in ages. That said, The Hunger Games Workout is comparable. When you first start to do it, it hurts. After you get into a routine, and with proper stretching beforehand, less so. Take recently for example. I’ve been going for lots of outside-exercise, so I haven’t been doing HGW everyday. I didn’t do it for nearly a week, and then ohmygosh. A little sore???

What I do like about it is that it combines “yogalates” moves (lunges, squatting, etc.) with more aerobic moves (jumping jacks, etc.) for a workout that lengthens, stretches, and gets your heart pumping. The best part, is that, with practice, it can be done in less than ten minutes!

So how do I feel after all of it? Healthy and strong, like a true tribute! Although I’ve been eating healthily and working out in other ways, I’ve enjoyed having it as part of my routine, and am enjoying the results. Lean and toned with less of a stretched-out looking stomach? Definitely worth it!

Anyway, this is my last post on the Hunger Games workout for now, but I’ll try to update now and then. And you guys can do the same if you’d like!

Love and blessings!

Em x


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