The New Hunger Games Wedding: HG Weddings 2014

Book trends are like fashion trends. Some come, some go. People make a big out of some of them for a while, only to bash them later. But like fashion trends, some book trends grow past the trend stage to become classics. One of those book trends, is the Hunger Games trend.

Just as the novel is still an enduring classic, the trends it has spawned are also classics. For example, Katniss’s classy yet edgy take on the Dutch braid, or the Hunger Games fashion styles of heavy leather boots and hand-knit sweaters. Another trend that’s clearly here to stay is the Hunger Games wedding.

Remember my post on it last year (if not, read it here: ). Well there’s been a lot of brand new, even better wedding ideas since then, some that I like even better than before! Part of the enduring appeal of this brand of wedding is that it’s versatile. You can make it the ultimate fan wedding, complete with fun, funky book references, or you can take inspiration from the more vintage, rustic elements to make a subtle statement, perfect for an autumn wedding.

Let’s take a look at some of the new ideas for the Hunger Games wedding:

I love the kiss-pic on image #1! It captures the sweetness, passion, and desperation of Katniss and Peeta’s relationship, which, in my opinion, is how all relationships should be (minus the desperation, maybe).

Image #2 is actually a Game of Thrones inspired wedding, but its edgy, rustic, fantasy-like style is perfect for The Hunger Games. The dress is simple, but unique, and just couture enough for the Capitol. Add the flower crown (remember when Peeta makes a daisy crown for Katniss in Catching Fire?) and the elegant, yet unpretentious bouquet, and you’ve a got a look that’s pure Katniss!

So long, gag-worthy HG food ideas (the hunter-scavenger thing is so 2013)! The yummy tomato soup (just like katniss might buy from the Hob) in image #3 is perfect for a fall wedding, but you could make it a cold soup for a summer wedding. If Catching Fire was your favourite book, you could even stretch you imagination and say that the soup resembles fire, and the purple-black bits floating inside of it (I don’t know what they are, exactly. Maybe purple cabbage?) resemble coal, which is also the main industry of District 12. Other menu items include berries, bread, and salad, making this meal not only theme-appropriate and economical, but also very family-friendly.


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