Hyper Moments

Hi All!

It’s been forever!!! I’ve been crazy busy with school and the like, and promise to have more book reviews/cover reveals/ blog tours and a longer fall update (and more updates on my new novel) soon. Meanwhile, I just wanted to share my “hyper moment” with you.

Since this is my last year at uni., I was required to take a practicum course, which consists of seminar style lectures, some coursework, and a practicum placement this winter. It’s super fun, and we’ve been doing lots of interesting workshops, one of which was with an awesome career counsellor. She helped us with our resumes, but also did some “pre-career” work with us, which was basically helping decide on what type of career we may be interested in, and how to find that. Most of us are in either English or Education programs, and have some idea of what sector we’d like to work in, but some of us have a bit of a harder time deciding on what exactly we’d like to focus on in that sector. In order to help us, the career counsellor asked us what, in our academics, work experience, or volunteer experience, was our “hyper moment”- a moment in which we felt alive and enthused for what we were doing.

While others in the room were answering, I considered what my “hyper moment” would be. It was surprisingly hard to pinpoint, but not because I’ve never had a hyper moment. Trust me (or ask my brother:)), just within the last three years alone, I’ve had a ton of hyper moments- getting good marks or feedback on a paper or creative writing assignment, actually doing the creative writing assignment, working with children through volunteering and babysitting, writing my first novel, writing my second novel, surviving (and loving) a conflict resolution seminar course. Those are just a few. But when I really racked my brain to a singular, happy I’m-where-I-need-to-be moment (career-wise), I’d say it was this summer, when I wrote my second novel, talked about it both here and on Twitter, and got such an amazing amount of support from so many wonderful people.

One of my greatest joys of the last couple of years has been being on here and getting to know you all. Additionally, I’ve loved being able to write reviews, conduct interviews, host blog tours, and beta-read for some of the wonderful authors that I’ve met through my blogging journey. Writing can be a hard career path. It can be time-consuming. It can be lonely. People may see you as lazy, self-serving, or unrealistic. Often, people look at you like you’re priming yourself for failure. Having a network of support, where others help you to do your best work, and you feel like you can do the same for others, is so rewarding. So, in the spirit of belated- Canadian-Thanksgiving, thank you all for being a part of my hyper moment. I’m so grateful for every single one of my readers, fellow authors, and blog followers!!!

x Emily


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