Spring Update

Hi All!

It’s spring! Can you believe it (I know I can’t)? It’s been a crazy term for me, which is probably why I haven’t been on here as often as I’d like. Right now I’m on a little break before going back for what I hope is my final term (happy dance). It’s bittersweet. I’m ready to move on to new things, but I know I’ll miss school as well.

Moving on from that, it’s exciting to see my life lining up. When you first graduate and turn eighteen, life can feel a little overwhelming. I finally feel like I’ve grown into myself, and that I know what I’m good at. It doesn’t mean I know everything, but it means that I feel that I’m right where I need to be. Deep exhale!

Moving on from that, I have exciting news! I’m a contributing editor at scifivision.com ! I’ve always loved this site and wanted to contribute, and now I am! I get to take conference calls, which is very exciting, and will also do some reviewing. Check it out! It’s an awesome site!

Remember that novella I told you all about? I’ve been looking it over and It’s almost done. That means that before you know it I can show it to you guys! Hopefully soon.

I’m also excited to announce that soon, I’ll be posting reviews for three new books, as well as an author interview with the fabulous Rosanne Rivers! Rosanne was one of the first author I met when I started this blog over 2 years ago, and is an awesome writer! I’m so excited to be interviewing her! Also exciting is Kiera Cass’s The Heir, out on May 5th!!!! Can’t wait!

Later Gators,




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