Late Summer Update

Hi All!!!!!

I’m BAAACCCKKK! What a crazy summer it’s been. You know how my computer broke down? Well, it took some time, but I finally got a new one. I’ll miss Gert (my old computer), but I’m definitely getting used to this one!

I’ve already been re-working some of my writing projects. I’m starting a freelance writing/copyediting business (so if anyone’s looking for an article writer or copyeditor…:)), plus I’m starting a couple of new projects that are secret for now. I’m also working on my second draft of “Moorhouse,” plus the next installment of “The Painted Veil.” “Moorhouse” is taking some interesting twists and turns. Starting up again, after a few months of not working much on it, I was worried that I’d feel out of touch with it. To be honest, I went through moments where I was really out of touch with it. Like, five days, half a page, out of touch with it. But just by changing one element, I’ve totally fallen back in love with my story! I’m so excited to share it, once I’ve finished with it.

Anyway, I’ll try to be around more, now that I’ve got a new computer. Plus, it won’t be long until I have some new stuff to share!

XO, Em


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