The Painted Veil: Where’s the Goods?!!!

Hey Blog-readers! (Note, this a post I originally wrote a few weeks ago. I couldn’t post it due to my parents’ computer browser no longer being able to support WordPress. However, it is still relevant. Thanks for reading!!!)

You may notice that I haven’t updated my “Painted Veil” story in the last couple of weeks. It is coming! I’ve been a little busy job shopping lately (anyone want to hire me?) and I am also getting back into my novel “Moorhouse” (working title, subject to change). At the beginning of summer, I thought that I had a pretty darn solid working draft that just needed a few minor changes and filled in scenes. Boy was I wrong! Although what I have is mostly quite workable, my novel is going in some interesting places! I’m very excited to share!
Along with that I’ve been working on another blog based in holistic living. I’m very excited about that as well, so stay tuned!
I have a longer post coming, all about life choices and that type of stuff. Meanwhile, I just thought I’d update for those reading my “Painted Veil” series. Thanks for being patient, and thanks for reading!!!
Xx, Emily


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