Happy New Year! (plus, “Coming Up”)

Hey All!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great time during the Christmas holidays and a wonderful new years! I just realized that I haven’t posted since December 15th (whops! #onholiday), so I thought I’d drop in and give you a quick update on what’s coming up.

  1. My Painted Veil saga. It’ll come. Right now I’m busy with getting my novel finished up for submission, plus working on some other work-related projects. Plus I started my ESL Teacher’s Certificate program online! So, it’s busy, but I’ll try to get the story together, in case anyone was reading.
  2. More cover reveals, book reviews, book tours. I’m on several street teams, so you’ll hear more from me on the YA/NA/Middle-grade book promotion circuit in the new year.
  3. More themed weddings. You liked em’, so you’ll get more!
I’ll also just try to log in and post about life every now and then. Right now life is busy with grad school application essays, career development, etc., but I always love sharing on here. Speaking of developments; this February, I will officially graduate from my BA in English!!! I’m so excited. And I believe I have an anniversary coming up. I’ve been blogging for three years this month! Time’s flown (must have been having fun…)
Until next time!
xo, Em

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