I Finally Know What I Want to do When I Grow Up (plus update)

Hi All,

Oh. My. Gosh. Is it already spring? Time flies! I haven’t been around much, which has sucked, but I’ve also accomplished a fair amount in the time I’ve been gone as well, which-brace yourselves-I’ve got an update on (I promise, I’ll start writing more often so I can stop bombarding you with a novel every time I log in!

Okay, update #1, I graduated! Although I finished my undergraduate coursework in December, my degree was conferred and came in the mail on February 8th. I am now, officially a BA in English with Specialization in Children’s and Young People’s Texts and Cultures, and a minor in Conflict Resolution Studies!!! This is gonna sound weird, but I love my degree so much! Although I’m sure I could have done many other things and been happy, I’m so glad that whenever I went on a different direction, I was always pointed back to the one I needed to be on. It took a lot of work, but it feels so good to be on the path to doing what I love!

Update #2 I’m sort-of, technically, a graduate student (well, I will be as of September)! I was just accepted in a graduate English program at a beautiful university in the Maritimes, and have already been approved to work with an awesome thesis supervisor! I haven’t accepted yet, as I want to see the results from my other applications and make a decision then, but I am still thrilled!

Update #3 (AKA, The Reason I Haven’t Been on Much): This winter has not been like anything I expected it to be. That’s okay. Even though I can be one of the worst stresser-outers on the planet, I can also find the calm in the crisis, and I also like to look on these moments as a learning experience. I just finished the first two of four courses to become a certified ESL teacher, which is great (one of the better unexpected experiences)! However, around the same time as I graduated, I also was called for jury duty selection (which taught me to be careful what you wish for; when I was a kid, I always used to say I wanted to be on a jury). After about a month of not sleeping, I went for my selection date, and, although I wasn’t chosen this time, I have to say it affected me in ways I didn’t really expect. Maybe one day I’ll share more about that, but I do want to take the time to let anyone who hasn’t been part of a jury selection know that it is okay. Do not stress about it. The only thing, is prepare to get emotional, and to never look at crime, or victims, or criminals, or the justice system and its importance in the same way again. Like I said, this is not meant to be a downer post, but just to share from personal experience that sometimes the events in life that we think will be negative will teach us new things about ourselves. Be open to the unexpected.

Update #4 (last one, I promise): I finally know what I want to do when I grow up! Okay, I always knew I wanted to write, and now I also want to do some teaching as well. But I have a new goal: One day, I will contribute to The Guardian Children’s Books blog. Wishful thinking, but, hey, we all need goals and dreams! And if I ever make it, you all heard it here first!

Anyway, I’ll be checking back in soon with a post I’ve been working on for a while (hint: love triangles, writing, and “soulmates,” oh my!)




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