The Romeo of Goryeo…or Juliet Empowered? Empowerment in Korean Time-Travel Dramas

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March (and sometimes April—I live in Winterpeg ;)) is always the time of year that I start getting a little bored and grumpy. Winter is taking too long to finish up, spring isn’t coming fast enough, and then I’ve been a student for the last six years, so there’s the inevitable end-of-school-year slog (anybody else here feel my pain?). Since I’m normally quite the sunny gal, I try to snap out of it quickly, and one of the best ways to do this is to get lost in a little bit of daydreaming. If spring isn’t coming fast enough, you have to bring it to yourself! Because I’ve been fantasizing about finishing my master’s thesis *very* soon, lately I’ve been dreaming about the PhD dissertation that I’m working on, which has lead me to watching a lot of K-drama. While I love all types of K-drama, my favourite type these…

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