Korea and the Short Form

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Cheese in the Trap.pngThere’s nothing like settling in after a hard day to watch your new favorite drama (unless, of course, you have the whole day to binge-watch it). But sometimes, we don’t always have a ton of time to enjoy a full-length series, or even a full-hour episode. That’s why, for times, like these—in the late-night hours before bed, on your commute to work, when you just want to take a quick study break—web series are the go-to solution! Broken into installments of thirty short minutes (or less!) these web series pack in just as much emotional punch as full-length drama episode, but you can still fit them in your weekday lunch break.
Short-form media has long been a popular feature of Asian culture. From webtoons, to web dramas, manga to graphic novels, and “cellphone novels” (I’d never heard of those before!), Korea has a hotbed of short-form choices to fulfil your…

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