GUEST POST: So Long and Thanks for all the Fish: Some Words about Picturebooks

I was so lucky to attend the University of Winnipeg for my undergrad. The entire English department, particularly the Children’s and Young People’s Texts and Cultures program, is so influenced by Perry Nodelman’s work. Loved this piece on the significance of visual cultures!

Children's Literature at Cambridge

Retired from the University of Winnipeg for the last thirteen years, Perry Nodelman volunteers as a guide at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, plugs away at a new novel for young people, reads much of the night and stays safely north in the winter. He occasionally gives talks at conferences—often about picture books, sometimes about fish, sometimes, as at the recent conference in Cambridge, about picture books and fish at the same time.

All photos by Angus Whitby

As the call for papers for Synergy and Contradiction suggested, this year marks the thirtieth birthday of my book Words about Pictures. Thirty years is a long time in academia, and so are the thirteen years since I retired from the University of Winnipeg English department. While I still do the occasional essay or conference talk (sometimes about fish), I’m well beyond my best-before date in terms of knowledge of…

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