Interview With “The Silence of Bones” Author, June Hur: Part I

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The Silence of Bones

Happy Leap Day, Everyone! Since today is an extra-special, once-every-four-years day, I have an extra-special treat for readers; an interview with June Hur, author of the upcoming young adult novel,  The Silence of Bones, which will be out in April 2020.

About a year back, I was working on my yearly “to-read” list (which is mostly still unread a year later, but at least I made the list!) While I was scrolling through my Twitter feed for inspiration, I came across the description for an upcoming, cross-genre, mystery YA novel, set in Josean-era Korea. What can I say? It had me at “hello”!

When I found out that the author of the novel was Korean-Canadian, I knew I had to get an interview for the blog, if I could, and June was so kind and gracious to allow me to interview her. In this section of our interview, we discuss…

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