Interview of “The Silence of Bones” Author, June Hur (Part II)

Check out Part II of my interview with June Hur, author of the upcoming YA historical mystery (set in Josean-era Korea)!

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The Silence of Bones

Is anyone looking for the perfect book to kickstart their spring reading list (or a good story to help take your mind off of the coronavirus worry)? Look no further than June Hur’s upcoming release, The Silence of Bones! Described as a YA historical-mystery set during the Josean period, this book will have something for just about every reader. In this installment of our interview, June and I talk about her favourite books, K-drama reccomendations,  writing snacks, and writing routines. Enjoy! (and be sure to check out Part I here)

From your bio, I learnt that you studied in Korea for a while in high school. Is it really as intense as it looks in Sky Castle?

I only watched one episode of Sky Castle, but I do remember how intense high school in Korea was! I’d be at school from morning until 10 pm. The…

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