Why “Because This is My First Life”‘s Ji Ho and Se Hee Will Make K-drama Couple History

Although Because This is My First Life’s run has ended, its impact is still fresh in our minds. From the realistic, yet sweet storyline, to the dreamy romance, to the quirky array of supporting characters, this drama is not one that anyone will forget soon. More specifically, audiences won’t forget Ji Ho and Se Hee and their sweet, awkward, absolutely adorable chemistry. Here are five reasons why Ji Ho and Se Hee will make K-drama couple history!

1. More. More Kissing.
Although we don’t get a lot of kisses between Ji Ho and Se He over the course of the series, the kisses we do get pack a serious punch. Maybe it’s the fact that there are so few, or maybe it’s the insane chemistry and connection between two lonely people, but all of their kisses (even the spur-of-the-moment smack on the lips that Ji Ho bestows on Se Hee at their first meeting) somehow always feel sweet, emotional, and intimate, proving that less is sometimes, much, much more. It also probably doesn’t hurt that these two have some of the most gorgeous lips ever. Seriously, they need to have a kid soon so that they can carry on the gorgeous-lip gene pool.
1. Their Serious Moments
Although there are many beautifully happy and cute moments between the pair, one of the most heartwarming parts of their relationship is how they help each other grow and move forward. Se Hee never falters in fulfilling his promise to Ji Ho’s mother to help Ji Ho achieve her dream of writing. He also realizes the emotional impact of the assistant director’s attempted sexual assault on Ji Ho—so much that you can see the physical pain in his eyes as he remembers Ji Ho’s state on the night of the incident. Not that this writer condones violence, but it also doesn’t hurt that Se Hee is willing to punch out Ji Ho’s enemies for her!
As for Ji Ho’s part, not only does she reintroduce Se Hee to the joys of being a couple, but she stands up for him in the same way that he does for her. She knows exactly what to say to his family to encourage them to repair the hurt they’ve caused in the past, and isn’t afraid to down a whole bowl of rice wine in one gulp in place of Se Hee after he’s had more than enough, but doesn’t want to cause offense by refusing it.
Even more amazingly, not every drama could handle the gritty and painful parts of Se Hee’s past—namely the catalyst of his and Jung Min’s long-ago breakup being the loss of their unborn baby—but Ji Ho not only accepts Se Hee for exactly who he is, but represents one of the best examples of unconditional love I’ve ever seen in television when she describes what she’s willing to do for him. When Jung Min ponders what Ji Ho’s reaction be if she admitted to still having feelings for Se Hee, Ji Ho unflinchingly tells her “even if it was a real marriage, I would have waited for Se Hee’s heart. A heart is not something that is taken or grabbed.” Not only is the line completely believable and genuine coming from Ji Ho, but it’s also one of the most simple, yet touching, lines in the entire series. Even Jung Min knows how great it is. Cue the happy tears!
2. Their Lighter Moments
One aspect of this series that I’ll always be grateful for is that it doesn’t wallow in too much drama, always providing a healthy balance between comedy and drama. And there are many lighter moments that build up Ji Ho and Se Hee’s relationship just as much as the serious ones. Take, for example, Se He’s smile when he share’s Soo Ji and CEO Ma’s dating contract with Ji Ho. Or that cute look on Ji Ho’s face when Se Hee offers to make her “omurice” again.
3. All Their Hand-Holding
This explains itself, but I’ll say it: the way these two hold hands gives us all the feels. From the way Se Hee takes Ji Ho’s hand to help her down the aisle, to when he forgets to let go after “saving” her from Bok Nam, these two prove that hand-holding is the new kissing.
4. Mine
Of all the many beautiful things Ji Ho and Se Hee are as a couple, there is the sense that the two truly and completely belong to each other. Se Hee’s listing Ji Ho in his phone as “mine” only acts as a (particularly swoon-worthy) confirmation of what viewers already know; that these two, after going through their ups and downs, completely have each other’s hearts. Their life (notice that it’s one “life”!) is one that they’re building together as an “us,” and renewing yearly after the “happily-ever-after.” It’s an ending that was both well won, and truly worth waiting for!